Why Spring Has Always Been About Sexy Times for Swingers

Why Spring Has Always Been About Sexy Times for Swingers?

Spring season is around the corner! Spring is the sexy time of the Year! The month of March has hit and the season of cute bunnies, colorful eggs, and greener gardens are here. But there is something undeniably sensual about the long spring nights, laying down cuddling in blankets, mulled wine, and Die-Hard sitcom repeats. And you know what, science can back me up on this one. Even though spring officially starts on the 20th of March, we couldn’t wait to reveal these 3 interviews we encountered with the swingers, Enjoy!

So, we interviewed 3 swingers last week; let’s call them Mr. A, Miss B & Mrs. C so there is zero confusion.

Mr. A says as the leaves turned from bright green to dazzling oranges and reds, so does my mood go from lazy to spontaneous and horny as get out, & ready to have some mischievous fun. Spring lets you be active as there are heaps of sunshine after the cold and unlit winter season, cozy spring sunshine comes to make your soul smile & your intentions NASTY! (Wink Wink)

He also says adding the temperature balance is perfect to excite your sexual hormones: not so cold & not so hot… The ideal temperatures to seek refreshing invigorating experiences and still enjoy cuddling & pleasing in the comfy evenings curled up in a fluffy rug with your partners.

Miss B was a single young adventurous soul who seeks some extreme physical experiments. She said that she believes spring is the best time to go on holidays & meet new couples seeking the same adventurism. Later she added, she loves traveling to tropical islands where most of the couples go to soak up in the sun before the sun gets too hot.

She says the last year she went to Bali & Gili islands, she met this one couple with whom she spent intimate pleasurable moments. It was her first threesome encountered with a swinger couple. The couple approached her & asked her if she would like to join them. Being on a sexual adventure she said YES! So Far So Good ❤

Mrs. C was a blond with sharp features; high collar bone & blue eyes. Anyone would fall in her beauty. She says she prefers soft swap during spring as the atmosphere is humid & she does not like to WORK HARD. As her body temperature runs really high, especially when any unfamiliar man is touching her everywhere.

Spring anyhow makes you want to express the joyous and cheerful side of yourself, to show off your best witty side. So, dress up, step out, and smirk for all the world to see your witty side.

In a nutshell, spring is known as the season of Love & happiness. Whereas both could be found out by going on random coffee dates with a completely unknown couple, you never know if you hit the right string, you would just get lucky tonight.

I guess this article was enough to Boost your confidence & start a swinger lifestyle. If you are seeking such kinky fun signup SAFSocial– it’s FREE & SAFE.

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