The First Time We Recorded Our Sex Tape

The First Time We Recorded Our Sex Tape

It was a raining day and we were all alone at home, the camera was running in the background and Jack was kissing my neck and grabbing my ass. We were role playing and I was playing the role of his mistress. He gently spanked my ass as he started pulling down my panties. He gradually turned me to face him as he went down on me, putting his head underneath my mini gown and gently pleasuring me with his tongue. I felt my legs weaken as I had to grab hold of the wall nearby in order to stabilize myself as my whole being was bursting with pleasure. We had talked about recording our sex tape for quite a while now but we are just actually doing it right now!

That excitement and the thrill of this new adventure filled me up as he kept on doing his magic with his tongue. He then stood up, let his pants fall and gradually guided my mouth to the tip of his cock. I could hear him moan as my lips touched the tip and I felt him shiver the moment I took all of him in my mouth. I couldn’t wait to replay the video once we were done.

My name is Scarlet, age 53. I have been happily married to my husband Jack for more than 29 years now. our relationship as seen its ups and downs but we have always come out of any challenge feeling stronger together.

We were quite adventurous earlier on in life when we first met, I was 21 back then and Jack was the first man I truly fell in love with. We traveled for a bit always trying out new things, we also had various swinging relationships and wild sex stories together that we would not forget anytime soon. But that all died down once the children came along.

We were blessed with three wonderful kids and it was amazing watching them grow over the years and become a major part of our lives. However, during this time we still went on swing date nights (you can take the man away from the street but you can never take the street from the man) but it was only once in a while as we couldn’t stay as active as we used to. Our periodic swing dates where however enough to keep that excitement and strong bond building sizzling in our relationship.

Before long, our kids were all grown up and when our last born finally left the house, we found ourselves with a lot of time on hand and a big empty house to do whatever we wished.

It felt strange and overwhelming for a while until we started focusing more on our social and sex life. We wanted to try out new things, relieve memories and fantasies, catch up with all the fun we missed over the years and the kind of privacy our new living situation provided us worked perfectly for all that.

We wanted to really get back to living wild and free traveling the world and taking up various adventures. So we got back to old ideas and adventures we had shelved and one of them was recording our sex tape. So we got about planning it.

It is never too late to start planning for your new adventure as every moment you spend living should be a moment filled memories you never want to forget.

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