Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex

He found Kasidie after doing an online search for “lifestyle sex and spiritual swinger action.” He’d just strung the keywords together and crossed his fingers. And he’d struck gold!

Like many other guys, Jayson spent a lot of time being horny. Hot, wet, sweaty sex was an important part of his nights, and he had his share of women who would provide that for him. But even when he wasn’t horny, he wanted his social life to be filled with sensual experiences. Sure, the guys told raunchy sex jokes and described their (likely exaggerated!) escapades with women. But that wasn’t enough for him, somehow.

Strangely enough, sexiness for Jayson had to go way deeper than that. He was a spiritual person. He knew it was a contradiction to want to mix spirituality and sexiness, but he couldn’t help it, and he realized that achieving this was going to require some savvy. It would take special support from his social circle, and the guys couldn’t provide that. He could hardly blame them because he’d never found a way to mix his passion for sex with his spirituality. Imagine chatting about your favorite spiritual topic with a group of persons who are as dedicated to sexual freedom as you are!


The cool thing was that Kasidie actually provided that outlet he needed by being a growing online community where people in the lifestyle can explore ways to engage with other sexually expressive people and fully discover themselves. That was the attraction for Jayson.

What he’d found especially useful on Kasidie was the community function. This worked for him because the Kasidie website started with sexual adventure as the foundation and then allowed the members to create any kind of group they wanted. Jayson saw communities that ranged from guitar lovers to ant farming. And he literally found several groups with the spirituality focus he was looking for.

Those first few leads eventually helped him assemble a circle of friends who were spiritual like him, but whose sexual restraint was close to non-existent—unlike most of the spiritual persons he’d known before.

Take Stacey, for instance. He met her in one of those groups, and she introduced him to some tantric ideas. They were ideas he’d kind of been toying with before but never had the vocabulary to express. Stacey was the epitome of sexual freedom; she thought of restraint only in terms of handcuffs, belts, whips, and tassels—not in terms of repression.

Enlightenment sex with her was amazing. It forced Jayson to quell the animal passion that wanted to rush toward orgasm. Instead, slowly and sensuously, she taught him to focus on a spiritual connection—eye contact, relaxation, consciousness, and meditation during the sexual act. The pleasure was exquisite and hedonistic at once. It was prolonged because his mind was focused less on her physical beauty and more on her spiritual beauty. But since he was still inside her and being slowly stimulated by the soft warmth of her vagina, the orgasmic pleasure kept building anyway, and it took him to the longest, most gut-wrenching climax he had ever experienced.

Tantric Sex

He made other friends, as well, both in group sessions and one-on-one. Some he engaged with sexually, while others were strictly platonic friendships. But all his friendships were much more fulfilling now since he felt more of a connection with these people who enjoy sexual freedom as much as he did. Kasidie helped him out tremendously by making information easily available to a guy like him—one who loved sex, loved making connections, and enjoyed mixing spirituality with eroticism.

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