How to Substantially Lower the Divorce Rate

Oh, I can hear the comments coming from this article now. Lol. Why do approximately 50% of all marriages in America end in divorce? Why does a couple who get a divorce, statistically end up with 4 divorces over their lifetime? I’ve never met anyone who went into a marriage with the intent to divorce. So what happened?

Yes, we have the abusive marriages, whether physical or emotional that nobody should have to endure.  But what about the majority of marriages that lose their zest?

The Problem

The all too typical scenario is that a couple gets busy having and raising kids, working jobs and performing the day to day life essentials that they forget about making each other feel sexy.

Couples lose the flirtiness, sexiness and spontaneity that once existed. But how do you get the sexy endorphins that lead to marriage in the first place? If it was easy, everyone would do it, right. Well, for the reality check, it’s not easy, but very doable!

A little flirting with your spouse who you’ve been with over and over again every day for a zillion years, isn’t going to be enough. Plenty of couples have tried and failed. The flirting will last for a day or a weekend, and then disappear back into the reality of monotonous life. So how do get the spicy sexuality back and keep it long-term.

The Solution

Do you know that swingers only have a 2% divorce rate? Why is the divorce rate 96% less for swingers in non-monogamous relationships versus monogamous relationships? There’s a few factors and most of them revolve around the woman.

Couples in non-monogamous marriages are able to flirt with other people and be flirted back with. This let’s each partner feel like they’re still sexy and wanted sexually. THIS IS HUGE! I can’t emphasize this enough.

Even if you never have sex with another couple or person, just the freedom to give each other the ability to flirt can change your marriage forever.

It takes open communication between a couple to allow each other to flirt and be flirted with by others. For a lot of couples, this communication is step 1 to creating a stronger marriage. Come on, you know that you’ve seen some hot woman or man and wished for a moment that you weren’t married! Why not talk openly to your partner about your attractions to another person. You may be married, but you’re not dead!

Yes, your partner may get some feelings of jealousy at first, but through communication and allowing your partner to have the same flirting opportunities, the jealousy and insecurities can be worked through (this is the hard part but well worth it).

Guess what happens when you know that you can flirt with others and be flirted with? Each partner starts getting their ass in shape. They usually start working out, eating better, grooming and dressing better. All the things each partner probably did to land each other before marriage, but lost over the years. Now, each partner in the marriage starts looking more appealing to each other, further creating those sexy juices!

If you have a situation where you’re able to flirt with another person, come home and tell your spouse about the experience while showing how turned on you are for your spouse. You’ll most likely be surprised how hot your spouse finds it and your spouse will encourage you to flirt with others more often; wink, wink.

Next Escalation

If the couple can communicate and work through their insecurities, the next step may be openly agreeing to allow kissing another person. Let’s face it, you get all turned on by flirting, but not allowed to touch. Sounds a little like torture to me!

There’s many levels of escalation after kissing and each couple will need to decide and agree on how far they go. Maybe the wife has always been curious about being with another woman and the two of you agree to go on an adult dating site like SAFSocial to find a woman for your first ever couple threesome.

Maybe, you’re both ready to visit a sex club, watch and only have sex with each other (maybe in an open room where everyone can watch), or maybe escalate the situation to finding another hot couple in the same position as you guys. That’s why couples go to sex clubs.

Join SAFSocial a free social network created mostly for couples. It’s similar to Facebook but for adults. It’s also a great platform for singles to find couples. SAFSocial has listings of sex clubs, parties, events, podcasts, blogs and a full dating section. Enjoy!

Remember, marriage is not meant to be the end to your sexual fantasies, but the beginning!


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