Same Room Vs Separate Room Partner Swapping

Same Room Vs Separate Room Partner Swapping

Couple swapping or swinging has become quite popular lately for spicing up a relationship.

We all have our preferences when it comes to swinging. One of the first and most often asked questions in the lifestyle is “should we have pleasure in the same room together or head to a separate room”?

We decided to go beneath the sheet & explored both scenarios.

Swinging in the Same Room

We talked to a couple experienced in same room partner swapping who said “they get turned on seeing their partner indulging in sexual pleasures with someone else”. While others said, “they love having a group adventure”.

Most of the answers we received involved the couple feeling “safe” having sex in the same room. Why not, it’s a key component of the swinger lifestyle. One couple stated that it’s better than college because you get to have your partner and best friend as a sidekick.

Swinging in a Different Room

Some of the men stated that swinging in the same room gave them performance anxiety because there was so much going on. The group effect was incredibly stimulating but overwhelming. The whole idea of sleeping with another woman while your wife is in the same room with another man can create a lot of mixed feelings. Some men found it off-the-wall hot to watch their wives with another man while some men felt insecure and even jealous.

There are also couples who prefer both same room and separate room. One of the couples we had a conversation with said, “Same room is fun because everyone is having a great time, maybe even cracking jokes, and the bi-sexual women can put on a show for the husbands. But separate room can be intense and just as hot.”

What do you prefer? Same room or separate rooms? Share your experience in the comments section below. Also, if you are looking for a swinger couple to swing along, join SAFSocial– Free Social Network for Swingers!

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