What to Expect the First Time at a Swinger’s Party

Ever thought of what it would be like to attend a swinger’s party? Well, we’re going to give you a first-hand experience and even tell you where to find swinger’s parties.

My wife and I ventured into swinging after 15 years of monogamous marriage. It was my wife’s idea. She wanted to try out women, and who am I to object seeing a little woman on woman action?

Our First Experience as a Swinger

OMG is all I can say about our first swinger party experience. I’m a 49-year-old male feeling like a horny teenager. We had met this couple online from a website called SAFSocial. They we’re really cute. He was a good-looking frat boy type and she was a pretty blond in her early 30’s. The two of them had been swinging for about 5 years. My wife contacted them on SAFSocial and asked them out for dinner. To our surprise, they said yes. During dinner, we chatted and had a few drinks when they asked us if we’d like to come back to their place. I was incredibly nervous. I had been with the same women for 15 years and had only been with a handful of women prior to meeting my wife. I guess there’s nothing like popping the swinger cherry!

After a couple of dates and some fantastic sex, our swinging partners asked us if we’d like to attend a swinger party with about 15 of their swinger couple friends. We felt like we had made it to the “In crowd” of swinger couples. We we’re proud of our accomplishment while at the same time scared shitless of what would occur at this party.

Our First Experience at a Swinger’s Party

We were given the address and showed up on a Saturday night to a person’s house that we’ve never met before. Cars we’re parked up and down the street. My wife and I looked at each other and said “we can’t believe that we’ve become swingers and we’re doing this”.

Luckily, everyone at the party was super nice and it didn’t hurt that all the ladies were very sexy. I told one of the other husbands that I couldn’t pick which one of the ladies I wanted to be with that night. He laughed and said “all of them”. I thought he was kidding and I chuckled along side him. I found out later that he wasn’t kidding!

After a few drinks, everyone ripped off their clothes and jumped in a large hot tub. It was so freaking hot, and I’m not talking about the hot tub. I ended up with seven smoking hot women all over me in the hot tub, the bedroom, the couch and the pool table. I must have burnt 2,000 calories. My wife had an equally mesmerizing time. We couldn’t stop talking about that night for weeks. The two of us we’re so horny after that night that we were like newlyweds all over again. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget.

If you get an opportunity to attend a swinger’s party, overcome your fears and do it. It’s definitely a life experience every person should add to their bucket list!

Basic Rules For The Swinger Lifestyle / Written By A Swinger

Ever thought about spicing up your marriage or relationship by swinging? Before we take a look at some basic rules for the swinger lifestyle, we have to first understand what the swinger lifestyle means. Swinging is where you and your spouse or significant have sexual encounters with other willing partners, usually together as a team. If you never got to play team sports in high school or college, now’s your time to make it for it!

There’s primarily two types of swinging, soft swap and hard swap.

A soft swap is usually done by couples who are trying out the lifestyle for the first time. It involves sexual activity such as oral sex, kissing, fingering, touching and hand jobs. Sexual intercourse or penetration is off limits.

Hard swap, on the other hand, entails all kinds of sexual activity including intercourse. Before engaging in the swinger lifestyle, I would highly recommend that your partner and you discuss comfort levels and come to an agreement of what will be allowed. It’s very important that each partner respect the other’s wishes and what limits were agreed to. I can’t emphasize this importance enough.

Talk with Your Partner and Make Sure You are Both on the Same Page

Communication is incredibly important if you want to be able to express your deepest desires and fears. Engaging in the swinger lifestyle can be complicated as you are inviting other people into your bedroom. You may feel embarrassed talking to your partner about swinging and some of your desires. However, open communication with your partner is critical and will enhance your marriage in more ways than you can imagine. Even if you never have sex with anyone outside of the two of you, the increased communication will reap so much trust and connection that it alone will be worth the journey. Don’t even try swinging unless you’re both on the same page with rules and expectations.

Don’t do Anything Behind Your Partners Back

You’ve now decided to engage in swinging as a couple. Your spouse is allowing you to sleep with other people, don’t screw it up! I’ve seen this happen several times in my 6 years of being in the swinging lifestyle. One spouse gets greedy and tries to do things outside of what was agreed to. You’re already one of the luckiest spouses in the world to have a partner who allows you to sleep with other people. Be grateful for the opportunity. You may never get the same opportunity again! There’s a reason why swingers only have a 2% divorce rate versus the 50% average.

Always be on your partner’s side and ensure that they are okay with what you are doing, especially if attending a sex club or swinger party. Swinging is much more enjoyable if performed as a team. You’ll have a built-in wing man or woman. Lol. If you want to go solo, ensure that your significant other is okay with it. Don’t indulge yourself behind your partners back; that is not swinging, it is cheating.

Enjoy Yourself

The swinger lifestyle can be some of the most fun you’ve ever had. I promise. Have fun and experiment with anything that excites you. Most people in the lifestyle are very nice and respectful. You’ll get an opportunity to develop some great friendships with fun benefits. Experience your wildest fantasies and have fun.

You Have the Right to Say ‘No’

Saying no is considered a fundamental etiquette in swinging. You should be able to decline advances if you’re uncomfortable without any explanation. Just keep it simple straight forward and above all polite.

Go check out a sex club or swinger party. Use one of the swinger websites like SAFSocial or Adult Friend Finder.

Caught My Girlfriend Masturbating

I am a workaholic, but my girlfriend, Hannah, still loves me. I would go on business trips that lasted for weeks. While away on business, we masturbated on facetime occasionally, but that was the extent or our sexual adventures.

I always fantasized about bondage, having a threesome, or going to a sex club, but never had the courage to tell me girlfriend. It just felt a little weird.

Hannah is one hell of a sexy woman. She’s a little over five feet tall and has long dark hair that compliments her silky skin and pretty blue eyes. I like her round smooth ass, but her perfectly shaped breast is a turn-on for any man.

One day after a three-week business trip to Berlin, I wanted to surprise her. The trip was supposed to be three weeks long, but the clients were working on a tight schedule, so the trip ended three days early.

The idea was to break in my own house with a mask and role play as a robber. Knowing that I would scare her if a came at night, I waited until she left for the gym. I knew I had about two hours before she returned. I had a good idea of what I wanted to do to her. I planned to take her from behind, putting one hand around her throat while pulling her hair with my other hand as I banged her brains out.

With about ten minutes remaining before Hannah came home, I parked my car at a safe distance so she wouldn’t notice and walked to the house. I hid in the closet to surprise her from behind when she came out of the shower. It seemed like an eternity in the closet, but within a few minutes, she was home. As she opened the front door, my heart started to pound vigorously. I guess I was just nervous in anticipation of what would happen next.

She walked into the bedroom and started undressing for a shower as I had planned. She first removed her t-shirt and dropped it on the floor. She then removed her tight sweatpants, sliding them off her long beautiful legs. She continued by unfastening her bra and then hooked her hands inside her panties and slid them off, slowly exposing her clean, shaved pussy. I had already started getting a boner by the view of her gorgeous body.

She walked to the drawer and pulled out a huge strapless strap-on and a vibrator. She then sat on the edge of the bed and turned on the vibrator. She held it on one hand while spreading the cheeks of her vagina on the other hand. Her clit popped out as it was aroused already. She was soon moaning while taking the vibrator in and out of her wet pussy. I unzipped my trousers and started jerking off. No Viagra was needed; I was hard as a rock.

Meanwhile, she was making this oh, awe sound as the vibrator moved up and down her pussy. Her ass came off the bed and she inserted the vibrator back in her pussy. She started screaming, oh, fuck! Oh fuck! and before long, her pussy started to contract with a spasm of pleasure and about 15 seconds of non-stop orgasm. I couldn’t take it anymore. There was no way I could wait until after she took a shower. I busted out of the closet and fulfilled my first sexual fantasy. It enhanced our relationship immensely. Hannah and I made a list of our fantasies and are planning what’s next.

Adventures At The Swingers Club

It’s a Saturday night, and as usual, I am alone in the living room watching NFL. It was one tough match between the Dolphins vs. Patriots. As the game ended, I got bored and decided to scroll through my SAF Social and Adultfriendfinder profile to see if I could get lucky that night.

I am a high school teacher working at a local school. It has been close to eight years now, and my career was on the right trajectory. However, my social life was a mess, and it was really difficult for me to interact with new women.

As I continued to scroll down my phone, a popup notification appeared on the screen, “Hey handsome, it’s been a long time, but you haven’t changed a bit. I immediately recognized the profile photo. It was Cherry, my high school crush. As soon as I saw her pictures, my head went wild. I started having thoughts of us fucking in the car. At one point, we were on a road trip, and all of a sudden, she started moving her hands toward my crotch. My dick was hardening, and she would rub even faster. She would then unzip my jeans and put my dick in her mouth. I came back to my senses and only wished it was true.

She told me she was in town and lucky for me, the club she was in was only ten minutes away. Back then, she was quite naughty, and it didn’t bother me that she was in a swinger’s club. I joined her and ordered a drink. As we continue to catch up, all I could think about was removing Chery’s clothes and fucking her nonstop like someone on Viagra.

What brought me back to my senses was her smile when she told me that she was in town just to see me. Apparently, she was also into me and wanted to fulfill her sexual fantasy before moving into another city miles away. She stood up from the chair and signaled me to follow her. She was waiting in a dark corner where nobody could see us. She had already unbuttoned her trench coat, and I could see she had nothing underneath.

She reached for my zip and grabbed my hard dick shoving it into her mouth. It felt really good. She gave me a blowjob like a woman on a mission to the point I exploded, leaving her mouth full of jizz. I bent down on my knees and placed her lifted her left leg so that it was on my shoulder. I could smell her wet pussy, which really turned me on. I licked her pussy all round but purposefully avoiding her clit. She started moaning and screaming, “lick me, lick me, you motherfucker!”; her groans and tight grip on my head was my sign that it was time for more.

I grabbed her ass, lubed my fingers with her sweet-scented ecstasy juices dripping from her pussy. I stuck my finger up her asshole, and she let out a loud yell. I reached her clitoris and pressed them with my tongue, moving up and down at a steady pace following her body language, and she had an orgasm. I removed my fingers but continued to lick for a while until she calmed down and regained her composure. We dressed up ready for penetration, but that is a story for another day.

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Moving at a new place far away from your old friends or switching your workplace where you hardly know anyone can be really depressing. What is the solution supposed to be?

Sitting at the bar and seeing others chilling with their friends or having those awkward talks with strangers doesn’t sound fun when you can make new friends online. There are a few legit adult social networking online sites like Adult Friend Finder, SAF Social, etc.

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You can create a group and join some existing groups to have a super fun chat with the members. The online platforms allow you to talk or video chat to your friends privately.

Whether single or married in a consensual relationship, some of the adult social networks like SAF Social offers adult travel events, resorts and cruises to spice things up.

Most of the adult social platforms offer clean podcasts that discuss topics such as having your first threesome, how to get your partner on board with swinging or visiting a sex club for the first time.

If you want to spice up an existing relationship or simply a fresh start to hook up with friends and satisfy your sexual fantasies, you can do all this on these adult social networking platforms.