Our Experiments With Edible Lingerie

Our Experiments With Edible Lingerie!

Experimenting and having various sexual adventures is a sure way that has been proven to help build a stronger and better relationship. Because even though we do not like admitting it, having a single partner or carrying out the same sex routine over a long period of time can quickly make things stale and boring in the bedroom. That is why you need to look to experience new stuffs and try out new things in the other room every now and then.

This was this case for I and my husband of 6 years now. we were looking for ways to spice up our sex life and bring back that spark and adventure into our relationship. So I went shopping for something new, maybe a sex toy or a sex bondage cuff, anything at all, I just wanted anything that could work for us. That was when I found about edible lingerie. I liked the way it embodied the feminine sensual nature with kinky and I was down for trying it out to see what the outcome would be in the bed room.
So while my husband was still out of the house, I slipped out of my clothes, tried on the pair of strawberry and chocolate flavored lingerie I bought and lay on the bed waiting for him to return and feast on his dinner.

I heard his car pull up the driveway as he got out and headed for the front door. He called out to me and I replied back telling him I was in the room. As he approached I felt the excitement build up as tingles of electricity ran down my back.

He got into the room and stopped at his tracks taken aback by the sight of me on the bed before he started grinning impishly as he slowly undid his clothe button and approached me. He climbed the bed and started kissing me as I shuddered with anticipation as his mouth started trailing down first to the chocolate lingering on my breast and then lower.

His kisses where feather soft even as he nibbled on the strawberry straps of my lingerie covering my now wet pussy. The lingerie the trick as it took his attention ensuring he spent enough time licking and eating them off me. This constant nibbling sent waves of pleasure all through my body as his lips kept on coming in contact with my very sensitive parts and before he even started fully touching me and pleasing me, I was already fully aroused and deep in pleasure.

The vanilla and chocolate flavor that scented my body and the room also had a hand in enhancing my receptive organs and increasing the intensity of my climax as I experienced toe curling organism like I have never experienced before.

When he was finally done with dessert and was ready to start the main course, I was already panting and out of breath from so much pleasure experienced from his nibbling, kissing and touching. And when he finally put that hard dick in me, that sealed my fate and made my edible lingerie experiment the best sex I have had in a long time.

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