How to Substantially Lower the Divorce Rate

How To Spice Up Your Marriage

How to Substantially Lower the Divorce Rate


Just shoot me! That’s my thought if I have to have sex with the same person for the rest of my life. Who came up with this crazy rule on monogamy anyhow? It doesn’t feel right. Gone are the days of kinky sex, the thrill of first-time sex with a stranger, or the intense and steamy one-night stands with someone way hotter than I probably deserve. Truth be told, marriage can get boring, but why does it have to?

Sexual boredom has become the norm in so many relationships. The good news is that there are some things that your partner and you can do to bring the fire back like an erupting volcano.

Put on Something Racy That Will Capture Your Husband’s Attention

After being married for a long time, we get used to the comfy, cotton pajamas. It can be lingerie or just a fun and flirty silk outfit that will grab your husband’s attention like a magnet. If you are working on a tight budget, try something that you already have but you haven’t worn for a while. You can find great deals at the popular departmental store especially on their clearance sale. A simple t-shirt or button-down shirt with nothing else on is about as sexy as it gets for a man to see.

Date your Spouse

Many couples stop going on dates a few years after their wedding. Don’t allow your marriage to be stereotypical without fun or flirting. Bring the passion into the relationship. Invest in your marriage by spending time together with your spouse, just as if the two of you were first dating. Set aside a budget and allocate some money for your dates. You will be surprised that the more you spend time together on dates, the more passion starts to build at home.

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Have Sex with Others

Try what my my wife and I call “puppy shopping” on an adult website. It’s just like looking at cute puppies online. My wife and I like to go onto an adult social network like SAFSocial and view the singles and couples. We then comment like, “oh yeah, he or she is hot!” or “I could definitely see her in the shower with the two of us”. It’s amazing how horny the two of us can get when looking for adult friends online. There are a few adult sites to choose from.

Play Sexy Games Together

There’s tons of sexy board games and card games that can be purchased on Amazon or other online stores. Or, if you prefer, create your own game. The sexy game can be something as simple as “spin the bottle” or “truth or dare”, or can be elaborate and detailed. If you really want to add sexy to your marriage, invite another hot couple to paly the game with you guys. The games work ell after a few drinks.

Adult Social Network

If you’re more daring, the two of you can find friends online and contact them. Maybe meet a woman for drinks and experience a threesome to start out. The adult social networks have couples, single men and single women all looking for fun experiences. If you’re even more daring, how about another couple? It’s just a little flirting and sex! Then the two of you can come back home and ravage each other like horny, passionate lions. It doesn’t have to be an emotional thing that interferes with your relationship. The experience should add spice and passion to your relationship.

Watch Graphic Porn Together

If sharing your spouse with another person or couple makes you hyper ventilate, maybe watching porn together is a good alternative. LOL. There’s no point watching porn alone when you have a spouse that can be fondling you while watching. Just saying.

Find Friends Online

Find something you both like. The objective behind watching porn together is to give some ideas that you can incorporate into your #sex life. It can be the positions, role-playing ideas, or to get you in the mood for some hot, steamy sex. If your partner is not into porn, try some sexy books or anything erotic that both of you are comfortable with.

There are so many things you can do to spice up your sex life. As long as you are both willing to bring the passion back, you will never run out of ideas that turn your sexless marriage into a hot-bed of kinky romance. If all else fails, find friends online for some crazy fun!

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