getting into the swing for 1st time

Getting into the “Swing” for 1st Time

I’ve been on many swinger dates, good, bad and also worst. For me, a good date involves drinks, good conversation, laughter, and of course great sex. But, how do I have a flourishing swinger’s date every time? So, let’s get started and familiarize the cultures of being a “Swinger”, shall we?

First things First!!!

The first and foremost step for a 1st date is to create a Profile on a Swinger Social Networking site. My husband and I have been using SAFSocial lately to satisfy our sexual fantasies. You should be highly selective when it comes to partner selection. I invest a lot of time in checking out swinger’s profiles. When I begin my search, most of the time I prefer people who live nearby. One would not like to driving miles, right? But, others may prefer to meet couples who live out of the city so they never run into each other at any school PTA meetings…LOL

My next & most important rule is Age. We hold to a particular age range so there will not be any disappointment (Secret Weapon). Nobody would love having sex with double the age or someone who would have dated your parent.

One thing, luckily, I actualized during the initial stage of my swinger lifestyle is that Communication is the KEY! Talk to your partner before you jump into anything. You might suggest a book or a film that involves swinging in some or the other way. This will help you broach the topic without any questions.

Next step is to scan swinger’s pictures with a detective’s eye. See if these pictures are a few days old or since the ice age.

Also look into what kind of swap you’re looking for: Full swap (SEX), soft swap (ORAL SEX), or a voyeur (THE WATCHER). My husband and I mostly prefer Full Swap Couples.

Once you’ve found your oh-so-perfect playmates online, now is the time you should plan a non-sexual meeting before you get down and dirty. This will help you know if the couple is a match or not. My husband and I often make plans to meet in groups because it is safe & fun too. The group dates let you explore more than one couple. Individual dates are not bad but if the couples didn’t hit-off then the evening is awkward. Ugghhh!

On one such date, I met a blond who was a couple of years younger than me and just adorable. His partner was also blond and very outgoing. We met up with the pair and a few other couples at a nearby bar. The group dynamic, the alcohol, and the ever-present potential for sex expedited the conversation. Soon everyone was sipping and giggling while hands started feeling around under our table.

I cinched onto Mr. Blond, leaving little room for any other man to stand a chance. We decided to leave the local bar with this cute young blond couple to our place. Soccer Daddy drove Mrs. Blond while I rode with Mr. Blond. The ride back is always a good moment to get to know the couple you’re pairing off with a little more intimately before you have sex like animals (hahaha), which is the whole point you’re going through this after all.

Do let us know your 1st swinging experience in the comment section below.
If you & your partners are looking to swing around,
join SAFSocial– it’s FREE & SAFE.

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