Dipping Toes into Unicorn Lifestyle

Dipping Toes into Unicorn Lifestyle

Unicorns, lately, are in every nook & corner. From your rucksacks to your coffee, they’ve taken over the world.

In the world of Swingers, Unicorn is asserted as a single woman that can be straight, bisexual or bi-curious, who connects with couples seeking a third person in their sexual experiments with no strings attached. These females are thought as unicorns because they can be so rare to find, but also because they often only stick around for a scanty encounter and then disappear. Are these almost fictitious ladies welcome in the swinger community? In most cases, the answer is a reverberating YES.

Nevertheless, there are a few ground rules any wannabe unicorn should know. We met one such Unicorn lady to dive deep inside this lifestyle.

If the likelihood of being a sex unicorn sounds appealing to you, here are some of the Pro-Tips for you.

As a unicorn, you are the unattached (only emotionally) third-person in a sexual relationship.

Unicorns are seductive in relationships because their desire is to fulfill their sexual fantasies. However, being a unicorn also means there are limits, and you should not expect to be invited to stick around for long-term interplays with the same couple unless they’re a polyamorous couple.

As a unicorn, you will be an outsider at swinger meetings.

While being rare and desirable, unicorns don’t always feel welcome right off the bat when they attend a swinger party. This is because the group will broadly consist of couples who may already have in mind to swap mates, and may even have a set couple in mind. It is a good idea to take along another unicorn friend just so you don’t feel like a lone wallflower and will be more likely to be overtaken by a couple looking to interact.

As a unicorn, there is no equality.

You aren’t even in this dynamic. The two of them are in love and you’re only there to heat things up. Ungracious as it sounds, it’s true. At the end of the day, you don’t highlight in their long-term plans and neither should they in yours.

As a Unicorn, You’re free to fly…

Whenever you think, things are getting messy. You’re a free bird and if you can see that things are not so great between the couple because of you, get out of there for your own peace of mind.

As a unicorn, you can see other people as well.

This is not an elite relationship. You can definitely go on dates, have your own kinda fun and meet new people as you’d like to. Nobody can stop you from doing that. Just don’t forgot to tell them about your magical powers as a unicorn and be honest about it from the start.

The unicorn lady also shared her best experience as a unicorn with us, she says, “Over the last few times, I have been a “third wheel” in numerous relationships. Some were as short as the length of a swingers’ party, and some of them are still continuous, several years later. I choose the couples I get involved with very nicely. Every time, the couple offers an atmosphere I can thrive in. They are stable couples, to begin with, so there’s no expectation for me to save their relationship. We freely offer each other friendship. I’m free to explore relationships with others, just as they are exploring. I only hang with couples where I am just as happy hanging with the wife as I am the husband. When we discuss leisure for the first few times – I allow the couple to consult with each other and they don’t hide anything from each other. There are no demands made on anyone ever. ”

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