Confession of A Couple Who Experienced A Full Swap for The First Time

Confession of A Couple Who Experienced A Full Swap for The First Time

After a good six months of discussions on how kinky our thoughts were, we decided to join SAFSocial and become swingers, or at least swingers in practice. Our first few months have been a bit wild and an insane ride, to say the least. The lifestyle has had its ups and downs, and we have learned to expect oblivion, but when something incredible happens it’s a big bonus. Last week something fabulous happened!

Our first full swap experience was the sum of many naughty fantasies. We received a well-written message from a lovely couple living a few hours away online. They were asking about a dinner date because they would be visiting a city near us. We politely refused their offer, as it was a weekday night, and it just seemed like a bit too much to be driving out on a weeknight to meet a couple for the first time. So, the week rolled by, and we actually forgot about this mysterious couple, until they wrote to us again. Now this made me curious, very curious.

This time to say that they still hoping to meet us and could we perhaps make the time. Now, this time, they had revealed their pictures and they were both as sexy as could be! Having had little success in finding a couple that we both felt comfortable with, we were reluctant, but they were so kind and classy in their corresponding that we dropped everything and made a date. Somewhere deep inside I knew that they were special in some way. Of course, the fact that they were both so unbelievably gorgeous didn’t hurt me much. So, my hub and I headed off to the city hoping for a great glass of wine, some decadent chocolate dessert, and some interesting adult conversation (and sex of course).

During the drive, I saw the inner bad girl coming out of me and I could also see the devilish smile gleaming on my husband’s face. Soon we arrived at this dark, mysterious & romantic restaurant, and we were immediately shown to a perfectly decorated table for four. “Wow, they are perfect!“, we exclaimed. The conversation between us was so enlightening and enjoyable. This couple made us both feel very comfortable. The lady was such a classy woman. Her features were so exotic looking. Her soft voice was warm and inviting and her full lips were remarkable. His large stature was very intimidating at first, but the softness in his handshake and gentle firmness in his “nice to meet you, lady” embrace was captivating. We had drinks, dinner & then decided to head towards the hotel rooms. I was so nervous, but wet with building obsession at the same time. Nervously, I once again confirmed with my Hub, “We are really going to do this?“.

Yes, let’s just do it, baby!” he replied.

The excitement in my stomach was mounting as was the moisture in my panties. Being the oh-so-perfect host of the night, they asked what genre of music we would love to listen. Drinks were poured and the mood lighting was set. We watched in bewilderment as he took each piece of her clothes off one at a time. Her body was beautiful. He kissed her everywhere and soon my clothes were hitting the floor too. We joined them on the bed and us ladies began to remove the clothes of our men. Suddenly, I was taken aback by the size of his cock (OHH MY GOD!!) I was a little afraid but still eager to try it out. But, first things first. She and I were now being fascinated by our, very, very turned on partners. Hands began to wonder here, there & everywhere. My longtime fantasy of feeling the soft skin of a woman’s bare-naked body was finally happening, and oh what a perfect body it was! Her breast were so perfectly round and firm. Her lips begged to be kissed, and her hair fell onto my chest making my nipples tighten with excitement. We played and explored each other in great detail while our husbands watched like a couple of boys sitting on the bench waiting for the coach to put them in the middle of the game. Her wet tongue felt so delicious on the lips of my vagina. Then I asked her if I could pleasure her. She tasted salty yet sweet just like a crackerjack. I focused on her sweet spot long enough to bring her to orgasm…

We decided to switch. All four of us were on the bed. I really wanted him to get inside me but I was scared, would he be fit inside me? Somehow, he managed to squeeze himself inside me & trust me it was heaven on Earth. By the time I was enjoying, I saw my hub ramming the lady. Her moan made was such a sweet delight. I felt zero jealousy but a little tingling inside my vagina. I felt an orgasm coming upon me, soon my partner & the lady were done as well. We picked up our fallen clothes & drove back to our place.

Reaching home, we both could not stop pleasuring each other. I licked the juice out of him & he continued pleasuring me with his fingers down there. My husband was so turned on, he kept on spanking me for being a bad girl lately. Soon I was about to reach climax again but this time with a familiar dick. We had amazing sex that night. Our idea to go for a full swap was the right decision & it made our marriage stronger. Hopefully, we will continue to experience naughty fantasies and meet a great couple like them anytime soon.

If you got any such first-time full swap stories, do let you know in the comment section below.

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  1. Thanks, I ave recently been looking for info about this subject for a while and yours is the greatest I ave found out so far.

  2. I took my wife to a swingers club in Paris. It was the first time for both of us. I thought I was fulfilling a fantasy for her. Sharing her with another man at a party is one thing but then I found out she was betraying me all the time with another man back home…Lior Rozensweig – Karkur, Israel.

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