The Allure of the Bisexual Woman

I’m not sure if all men enjoy dating bisexual women, but I absolutely love it! I immensely like watching my woman engage in girl-on-girl action with other women, but my straight girlfriends in the past usually resisted when I suggested a threesome. I think my past straight girlfriends were unsure about their sexuality or exploring.

I met my first bisexual girlfriend at  the local beach. She was tanning on her stomach and had a really sexy, nice round and plump ass. I didn’t notice any tan lines, which told me that she was possibly a nudist, which I find very hot. There’s something about a woman who’s confident and secure enough to openly walk around a nude beach without any clothes.

I was having a hard time not staring at her ass, when I noticed that it was turning a little red, so I thought, what a perfect opportunity to talk to her. I already knew she had a great body, and when I said, “Excuse me,” and she turned her head, I was greeted by a cute face sporting a questioning but not unwelcoming expression.

Bisexual women

Actually, I saw the smallest hint of appreciation when she glanced at my face, and then when her gaze went down my body. Let’s face it: I was not exactly flaccid down there after having taken in the view of her perky behind. I reminded myself to speak. “You should probably turn over now if you want to be able to sit on that sexy ass later.” I took another glance at it, thought about fitting myself into that little gap below the cheeks, and felt myself getting harder.

I didn’t have time to look away before she thanked me and rolled over. Damn! She was even sexier from the front.

It turns out she was at the beach with a friend. A girl. They weren’t together exactly, but they’d been on a couple of dates. Both were bisexual women, and their relationship wasn’t exclusive. She gave me her number, and after a couple of dates at regular bars, we went to a swinger club together.

Even though we only did voyeuristic stuff together at the first swinger club, that was when I realized how much I was going to enjoy dating her because she was a bisexual. She was open to engaging in the wild, hedonistic sensual pleasures that got my blood racing.

Bisexual women

When we finally had sex the first time, we decided to make it one-on-one, but the amazing part was the foreplay. It involved a lengthy session of watching lesbian porn, and it got me so hard to watch her masturbate to the sexy action on the screen. She was enjoying the women as they touched, licked, and sucked each other as much as I was.

It was amazing taking her from behind with the big screen in front of us, showing the two women going at it. It was so hot hearing her moan and scream while I slammed her over and over, harder and harder.

The rest, as they say, is history. But yeah, Karrie was my first, and she clinched it for me. Bisexual women are great to date if you really want to enjoy an adventurous sexual lifestyle.

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