How to Substantially Lower the Divorce Rate

Oh, I can hear the comments coming from this article now. Lol. Why do approximately 50% of all marriages in America end in divorce? Why does a couple who get a divorce, statistically end up with 4 divorces over their lifetime? I’ve never met anyone who went into a marriage with the intent to divorce. So what happened?

Yes, we have the abusive marriages, whether physical or emotional that nobody should have to endure.  But what about the majority of marriages that lose their zest?

The Problem

The all too typical scenario is that a couple gets busy having and raising kids, working jobs and performing the day to day life essentials that they forget about making each other feel sexy.

Couples lose the flirtiness, sexiness and spontaneity that once existed. But how do you get the sexy endorphins that lead to marriage in the first place? If it was easy, everyone would do it, right. Well, for the reality check, it’s not easy, but very doable!

A little flirting with your spouse who you’ve been with over and over again every day for a zillion years, isn’t going to be enough. Plenty of couples have tried and failed. The flirting will last for a day or a weekend, and then disappear back into the reality of monotonous life. So how do get the spicy sexuality back and keep it long-term.

The Solution

Do you know that swingers only have a 2% divorce rate? Why is the divorce rate 96% less for swingers in non-monogamous relationships versus monogamous relationships? There’s a few factors and most of them revolve around the woman.

Couples in non-monogamous marriages are able to flirt with other people and be flirted back with. This let’s each partner feel like they’re still sexy and wanted sexually. THIS IS HUGE! I can’t emphasize this enough.

Even if you never have sex with another couple or person, just the freedom to give each other the ability to flirt can change your marriage forever.

It takes open communication between a couple to allow each other to flirt and be flirted with by others. For a lot of couples, this communication is step 1 to creating a stronger marriage. Come on, you know that you’ve seen some hot woman or man and wished for a moment that you weren’t married! Why not talk openly to your partner about your attractions to another person. You may be married, but you’re not dead!

Yes, your partner may get some feelings of jealousy at first, but through communication and allowing your partner to have the same flirting opportunities, the jealousy and insecurities can be worked through (this is the hard part but well worth it).

Guess what happens when you know that you can flirt with others and be flirted with? Each partner starts getting their ass in shape. They usually start working out, eating better, grooming and dressing better. All the things each partner probably did to land each other before marriage, but lost over the years. Now, each partner in the marriage starts looking more appealing to each other, further creating those sexy juices!

If you have a situation where you’re able to flirt with another person, come home and tell your spouse about the experience while showing how turned on you are for your spouse. You’ll most likely be surprised how hot your spouse finds it and your spouse will encourage you to flirt with others more often; wink, wink.

Next Escalation

If the couple can communicate and work through their insecurities, the next step may be openly agreeing to allow kissing another person. Let’s face it, you get all turned on by flirting, but not allowed to touch. Sounds a little like torture to me!

There’s many levels of escalation after kissing and each couple will need to decide and agree on how far they go. Maybe the wife has always been curious about being with another woman and the two of you agree to go on an adult dating site like SAFSocial to find a woman for your first ever couple threesome.

Maybe, you’re both ready to visit a sex club, watch and only have sex with each other (maybe in an open room where everyone can watch), or maybe escalate the situation to finding another hot couple in the same position as you guys. That’s why couples go to sex clubs.

Join SAFSocial a free social network created mostly for couples. It’s similar to Facebook but for adults. It’s also a great platform for singles to find couples. SAFSocial has listings of sex clubs, parties, events, podcasts, blogs and a full dating section. Enjoy!

Remember, marriage is not meant to be the end to your sexual fantasies, but the beginning!


5 Best Sexy Board Games for Couples

How to Spice Up Your Marriage


Summer is coming to an end, and it’s time to start looking for other ways to increase the heat. Look no further, SAFSocial has chosen it’s annual best sexy board games for couples. We took into consideration overall value based on pricing, features, engagement, fun and usability of the sexy board games. These sexy board games made the top 5 list for your lusty enjoyment.


  1. XXXopoly


If you prefer a longer warmup of foreplay, XXXopoly may be your ticket. This sexy board game can be played for much longer than the others and can be used more often without getting bored, but like monopoly, it can take longer to play. Check out XXXopoly at

XXXopoly can be purchased on Amazon for $29.95 at


2. Couplicious

Adult sex games for couples, threesomes, group sex and more!

Couplicious is a fun sexy game that comes with over 200 cards. You ask your partner or partners (haha) a sexy question from the card and move through the game with pawns provided. Check out info on Couplicious at

Couplicious can be purchased on Amazon for $34.99 at


3. Sexy Time

A new twist on “Spin the Bottle”, Sexy Time has a spin dial. The dial lands on a task and you either share a sexual desire with your partner or perform something sexual.

Sexy Time can be purchased on Amazon for $12 at


4. Fifty Days of Play

Roll the die and see who will be the dominant and who will be the submissive. You just may be surprised!

Fifty Days of Play can be purchased for $14.09 on Amazon at


  1. Lorgolk Adult Sex Dice Set


Lorgolk Adult Sex Dice Set isn’t exactly a board game, but it’s just as fun and easy to play. Roll the dice and start the fun with everything from kissing to different positions.

The sexy dice game can be purchased for $9.99 on Amazon at

All 5 sexy board games are an excellent choice for couples to spice things up and get the juices cranking. Try one or more, depending on how revved up you want to be.

Check out SAFSocial for free at

Lesbians Meet

It’s hardly necessary to point out how difficult it is to meet other lesbians for social and sexual encounters. It’s easier in some communities than in others. Smaller or more conservative areas suffer from either a scarcity of persons to connect with or a fear of ridicule. But even big cities have their challenges, and even though people might expect a lot of lesbians in big cities to be “out,” the difficulties of navigating a large metropolis complicates the problem of finding love, #sex, and social acceptance.

So how does one go about finding other gay women with whom to connect and have friendships or romantic interludes? The answer is far more favorable today than it was 20 years ago, thanks to the existence of Adult Social Networks that cater to the LGTBQ demographic. It’s not always easy to simply get involved in interesting activities and hope someone of your sexual orientation will also be interested. It’s better to have a way of actively seeking out those people that share your interests and your sexual orientation.


Filters—which help you select the features you’d like in a partner or match—are not exactly an organic meeting experience, but they help a lot. This is what social networks provide, especially now that the internet has been refined and dating sites have apps that can be more thoroughly integrated into our everyday lives.


HER is an app that provides social networking for lesbians, and its developers and administrators work hard to make it a healthy space where people can be open about their desires for sex and partnership. Many users are tired of dating sites that pretend to cater to lesbians and still provide guys in their match list. It’s often the case that such sites will provide a female match who merely wants someone to tag along on a threesome with her and her man.

HER’s social-media dating app is dedicated to creating a space that’s truly for lesbians, so that once you get connected, all you have to worry about is finding a niche based on your interests. HER is a very large network of 4 million members worldwide, and was made “for queer womxn, by queer womxn.” This means once you select your label—female, non-binary, gender-fluid, etc.—and identify your interests, you’ll have a lot of genuine matches to choose from.

The site doesn’t actually allow active searches, though, preferring to allow users to message only friends and people chosen as matches by the system. However, other Adult Social Networks, such as Plenty of Fish and SAF Social, provide search functions to support your hunt for other lesbians who share your interests. This increases your chances of finding someone you’ll actually enjoy spending time with. Plenty of Fish and SAFSocial cater to a broader user base, but they still create havens for women to meet other women. Plus, SAF Social has a “Lesbians and Bi-Sexual Women Sanctuary” to make the process of finding partnerships easier.

To use a cliché—it’s really a jungle out there for any woman looking for love, and especially a lesbian trying to open up socially and sexually without being inundated by unwanted attention from guys. Adult networks that know how to cater to the LGBTQ community are key to creating a life that satisfies your personal desire for love and companionship.


Tantric Sex

He found Kasidie after doing an online search for “lifestyle sex and spiritual swinger action.” He’d just strung the keywords together and crossed his fingers. And he’d struck gold!

Like many other guys, Jayson spent a lot of time being horny. Hot, wet, sweaty sex was an important part of his nights, and he had his share of women who would provide that for him. But even when he wasn’t horny, he wanted his social life to be filled with sensual experiences. Sure, the guys told raunchy sex jokes and described their (likely exaggerated!) escapades with women. But that wasn’t enough for him, somehow.

Strangely enough, sexiness for Jayson had to go way deeper than that. He was a spiritual person. He knew it was a contradiction to want to mix spirituality and sexiness, but he couldn’t help it, and he realized that achieving this was going to require some savvy. It would take special support from his social circle, and the guys couldn’t provide that. He could hardly blame them because he’d never found a way to mix his passion for sex with his spirituality. Imagine chatting about your favorite spiritual topic with a group of persons who are as dedicated to sexual freedom as you are!


The cool thing was that Kasidie actually provided that outlet he needed by being a growing online community where people in the lifestyle can explore ways to engage with other sexually expressive people and fully discover themselves. That was the attraction for Jayson.

What he’d found especially useful on Kasidie was the community function. This worked for him because the Kasidie website started with sexual adventure as the foundation and then allowed the members to create any kind of group they wanted. Jayson saw communities that ranged from guitar lovers to ant farming. And he literally found several groups with the spirituality focus he was looking for.

Those first few leads eventually helped him assemble a circle of friends who were spiritual like him, but whose sexual restraint was close to non-existent—unlike most of the spiritual persons he’d known before.

Take Stacey, for instance. He met her in one of those groups, and she introduced him to some tantric ideas. They were ideas he’d kind of been toying with before but never had the vocabulary to express. Stacey was the epitome of sexual freedom; she thought of restraint only in terms of handcuffs, belts, whips, and tassels—not in terms of repression.

Enlightenment sex with her was amazing. It forced Jayson to quell the animal passion that wanted to rush toward orgasm. Instead, slowly and sensuously, she taught him to focus on a spiritual connection—eye contact, relaxation, consciousness, and meditation during the sexual act. The pleasure was exquisite and hedonistic at once. It was prolonged because his mind was focused less on her physical beauty and more on her spiritual beauty. But since he was still inside her and being slowly stimulated by the soft warmth of her vagina, the orgasmic pleasure kept building anyway, and it took him to the longest, most gut-wrenching climax he had ever experienced.

Tantric Sex

He made other friends, as well, both in group sessions and one-on-one. Some he engaged with sexually, while others were strictly platonic friendships. But all his friendships were much more fulfilling now since he felt more of a connection with these people who enjoy sexual freedom as much as he did. Kasidie helped him out tremendously by making information easily available to a guy like him—one who loved sex, loved making connections, and enjoyed mixing spirituality with eroticism.

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The Allure of the Bisexual Woman

I’m not sure if all men enjoy dating bisexual women, but I absolutely love it! I immensely like watching my woman engage in girl-on-girl action with other women, but my straight girlfriends in the past usually resisted when I suggested a threesome. I think my past straight girlfriends were unsure about their sexuality or exploring.

I met my first bisexual girlfriend at  the local beach. She was tanning on her stomach and had a really sexy, nice round and plump ass. I didn’t notice any tan lines, which told me that she was possibly a nudist, which I find very hot. There’s something about a woman who’s confident and secure enough to openly walk around a nude beach without any clothes.

I was having a hard time not staring at her ass, when I noticed that it was turning a little red, so I thought, what a perfect opportunity to talk to her. I already knew she had a great body, and when I said, “Excuse me,” and she turned her head, I was greeted by a cute face sporting a questioning but not unwelcoming expression.

Bisexual women

Actually, I saw the smallest hint of appreciation when she glanced at my face, and then when her gaze went down my body. Let’s face it: I was not exactly flaccid down there after having taken in the view of her perky behind. I reminded myself to speak. “You should probably turn over now if you want to be able to sit on that sexy ass later.” I took another glance at it, thought about fitting myself into that little gap below the cheeks, and felt myself getting harder.

I didn’t have time to look away before she thanked me and rolled over. Damn! She was even sexier from the front.

It turns out she was at the beach with a friend. A girl. They weren’t together exactly, but they’d been on a couple of dates. Both were bisexual women, and their relationship wasn’t exclusive. She gave me her number, and after a couple of dates at regular bars, we went to a swinger club together.

Even though we only did voyeuristic stuff together at the first swinger club, that was when I realized how much I was going to enjoy dating her because she was a bisexual. She was open to engaging in the wild, hedonistic sensual pleasures that got my blood racing.

Bisexual women

When we finally had sex the first time, we decided to make it one-on-one, but the amazing part was the foreplay. It involved a lengthy session of watching lesbian porn, and it got me so hard to watch her masturbate to the sexy action on the screen. She was enjoying the women as they touched, licked, and sucked each other as much as I was.

It was amazing taking her from behind with the big screen in front of us, showing the two women going at it. It was so hot hearing her moan and scream while I slammed her over and over, harder and harder.

The rest, as they say, is history. But yeah, Karrie was my first, and she clinched it for me. Bisexual women are great to date if you really want to enjoy an adventurous sexual lifestyle.